VASEM’s 2015 Report: Unmanned Aerial Systems 

With a featured message from Virginia's Secretary of Technology

“This is an exciting moment for technology in the Commonwealth. We are pursuing breakthroughs in a score of fields that have the potential to dramatically improve the quality of life our citizens enjoy. Among them are big data, unmanned systems, and cybersecurity. The obstacles are daunting, but the potential rewards are enormous.

The challenges we face in each of these fields are complex but they are also interrelated. We will not be successful if we pursue them in isolation. As Barry Horowitz says in his remarks, we will not secure our unmanned aerial systems from counterattack unless our cybersecurity experts work side by side with designers and users. My department identifies their points of intersection, encourages the relevant stakeholders-from industry and academia as well as government-to join together on this common ground, and works with them as they develop a comprehansive strategy.

This approach has already yielded a number of significant successes. It was the Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership-not Amazon-that was first to use UAS to make a delivery. And I can testify having ridden in Virginia Tech Transportation Institute’s automated car that Google is not alone in pioneering new forms of safer, more efficient transportation. In both cases, we put a great team together, and the results show.

That is why I was pleased to be invited to speak at the annual VASEM meeting. The caliber and range of expertise that this organization can bring to bear on such issues as the future of the automobile and unmanned aerial systems are unequaled in the Commonwealth. Looking forward, we foresee VASEM providing the authoritative, nonpartisan insight on technological matters that is a prerequisite for innovation.”

The Honorable Karen Jackson

The Honorable Karen Jackson

Secretary of Technology