Poster Presentations

Securing Prosperity in the Coastal Zone

November 7-8, 2018

Science Museum of Virginia

Richmond, VA

Poster Sessions: Authors scheduled in poster sessions will be assigned a poster board space for display of illustrative materials such as text, graphs, charts, and tables. The maximum outside dimension of each poster, including the title, must not exceed 32″ X 40″ (81 cm x 101 cm). Information presented on posters should be readable at a distance of 3 ft. Poster board fasteners will be provided at the meeting. Authors must be present at their posters during the entire length of their assigned poster session.

NOTICE: Poster presenters must bring their posters with them to the meeting. VASEM cannot accept shipment of posters, nor accommodate printing of posters on-site. Poster presenters will need to remove their poster by the end of the summit on Monday. Posters not removed at the end of the session will be disposed of, as VASEM will not be responsible for storing posters.


Andrew Densmore

(540) 598-7693

adensmore at vasem dot org