2021 Annual Summit:
Building Public Trust in Science

Monday, October 25
Richmond, VA

Conference Description

The summit will be free and is now fully virtual. Attendees are welcome to attend the Summit online. More details and information are forthcoming.

Our society is divided regarding several key science-driven topics like vaccines, climate change, and more. How can we help rebuild trust in science, establish confidence in the content, and create a capacity for critical thinking? This summit is designed for those communicating about science-driven topics. Together we will discuss some of the polarizing topics and work to determine the best ways to communicate the message so that we can build public trust in science.

Current speakers include Sheril Kirshenbaum, noted science communicator, public speaker, NPR contributor, and co-author of Unscientific America, as well as Dr. Danny Avula, Director for Richmond City and Henrico’s County’s Health Departments.

Partners in this initiative include the Virginia Academy of Science, Engineering and Medicine; Virginia Department of Education; the Virginia Secretary of Education’s Office through Virginia STEM; Virginia Public Media; CodeVA; Virginia Press Association; Science Debate; and the Science Museum of Virginia.