About Us

The Virginia Academy of Science, Engineering and Medicine (VASEM) is a Virginia nonprofit corporation established on October 2, 2013. The primary purpose of VASEM shall be to (1) inform and educate the executive branch agencies of the Commonwealth of Virginia, when requested, as well as citizens of Virginia on issues for which science, engineering and medicine affect decisions on policy, on the economy, and on the quality of life; (2) promote research and the application of knowledge in science, engineering and medicine to improve the lives of the citizens of the Commonwealth; (3) foster interchange between individuals and organizations and engage the next generations and encourage them to engage in fields of science, engineering and medicine; and (4) recognize and honor those individuals in the Commonwealth who have made major achievements in science, engineering and medicine.

VASEM will create scientific analyses, technical evaluations, clinical evaluations and analysis of policy issues in a technical context (collectively, “Studies”). VASEM will engage in these Studies at the request of the Governor of the Commonwealth, the Governor’s designee, the General Assembly of Virginia, and other appropriate governmental or nongovernmental entities.

VASEM will appoint expert committees to conduct the Studies and prepare reports. VASEM will provide the Studies to the requesting person or entity, and will publish a public report of all Studies produced by VASEM. VASEM may also provide reports on Studies performed by organizations outside the Commonwealth. VASEM will also hold conferences on important scientific topics, some of which may be open to the public. VASEM will provide opportunities for young scientists, engineers and doctors to attend and participate in VASEM conferences and events.


The criteria for membership in the corporation shall be: (1) membership in one or more of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, U.S. National Academy of Engineering, or the U.S. National Academy of Medicine; and (2) residence or employment in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Members may also be individuals who are not in one of the National Academies but are considered to have an outstanding record of scientific accomplishments, national and international recognition, and willingness to participate in the activities of the Corporation.

Officers and Board of Directors


  • The Honorable Mark Warner, Honorary Chair of the Board
  • Joe Campbell, President
  • James H. Aylor, Secretary/Treasurer


  • James Aylor, University of Virginia
  • Barbara Boyan, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Joe Campbell, University of Virginia
  • Robert Carey, University of Virginia
  • Ponjola Coney, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Patricia Dove, Virginia Tech
  • Florence Haseltine, NIH
  • Anita Jones, University of Virginia
  • Robert Kahn, Corporation for National Research Initiatives
  • Fred Lee, Virginia Tech
  • Lester Lyles, The Lyles Group
  • Thomas Young, Lockheed Martin

University Members

  • College of William and Mary
  • Eastern Virginia Medical School
  • George Mason University
  • Hampton University
  • James Madison University
  • Old Dominion University
  • Radford University
  • University of Virginia
  • Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Virginia Tech

To see a listing of individual members in VASEM, visit the VASEM directory.