– Provide nonpartisan expertise in science, engineering, and medicine to Virginia.
– Envision future trends and provide leadership in catalyzing emerging opportunities.


– Promote investments in research and to solving science and engineering problems.
– Communicate the value of these investments and new knowledge to Virginia citizens.


– Foster new collaborations between businesses and amongst Va. universities and colleges.
– Grow Virginia’s competitiveness for Federal funding and new business investments.
– Provide educational outreach  to citizens in health, education, and economic well-being.


The criteria for membership in the corporation shall be: (1) membership in one or more of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, U.S. National Academy of Engineering, or the U.S. Academy of Medicine; and (2) residence or employment in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Members may also be individuals who are not in one of the National Academies but are considered to have an outstanding record of scientific accomplishments, national and international recognition, and willingness to participate in the activities of the Corporation.