Nomination and Election Process


The 2019 nomination period has closed as of May 1, 2019. If you have any questions please contact VASEM directly. 

General Instructions

A candidate for admission to the Virginia Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine (VASEM) must have accomplished significant recognized personal contributions to science, engineering or medicine, as well as exhibit the highest level of professional integrity.

Any current member of VASEM may nominate a candidate that either resides or works in Virginia by submitting a fully completed nomination form. The nominator is required to be from a different institution from the nominee. This submission must be sponsored by two other members of VASEM or a national academy although they may reside anywhere in the United States. Each sponsoring member must write a letter of support. At least one letter of support must come from a member of VASEM or a national academy member not currently affiliated with the institution of the nominee.

It is recommended that the nominator share the completed nomination form with the sponsors. However, in order to ensure the independence of the sponsors, their letters must not be shared with the nominator and must be submitted directly by the supporter to the VASEM staff, i.e., not through the nominator. Sponsors will be asked to describe their relationship with the nominee, provide specifics regarding the nominee’s contributions, and state their level of support (e.g. “support”, “strongly support” or “very strongly support”).

In order to allow full and fair evaluation of the qualifications of each candidate without embarrassment or other adverse effects on candidates, nominators, sponsors or those participating in the election process, all written and oral discussions, comments, evaluations and votes constituting this process are to be held in strict confidentiality. All VASEM members must limit discussions and correspondence relating to a nominee to VASEM members and authorized staff only. The gathering of general information concerning a candidate’s achievements, personal and professional attributes and career background must be made in such a way as not to convey that the candidate is being considered for membership in VASEM. Anyone who learns that a potential nominee is personally involved in the process or has been campaigning for somebody to nominate him/her shall promptly inform the President of the Academy.


I. February

a. Announce 2019 election cycle

b. Distribute nomination forms to VASEM members and member institutions

i. Forms include membership criteria, instructions, and timeline

ii. Nomination form:

Please send nominations to Andrew Densmore, VASEM Executive Director [ adensmore (at) ]

Page 1:

– Section 1: Personal Information:

  • Name of Candidate
  • Candidate’s current organizational affiliation (if retired, enter last affiliation)
  • Virginia qualifying status: R (Residence) W (Workplace; if both, state R&W)
  • Qualifying address (Residence or Work, as appropriate)
  • Education summary (Degree, Institution, Year)
  • Work sector during accomplishment(s) justifying nomination: Academia, Industry or Other (“Other” includes government, FFRDCs, health facilities, research institutions, nonprofit and similar organizations; if more than one apply, use most recent one)

– Section 2: Justification for Nomination

  • Proposed Election Citation (30 words maximum)

2.2 Statement of Accomplishments Meriting Nomination (250 words maximum)

– Section 3: Nomination Information

  • Name of nominating member
  • Name of First Sponsoring Member
  • Name of Second Sponsoring Member

Pages 2 and 3: Candidate Curriculum Vitae

This should also include all and any supporting information deemed important by the nominator such as: Publications and Patents, Honors and Awards, Residences and Fellowships, Society Memberships – including grade of membership – Professional Recognitions, etc.

II. May 1st, 2019

a. Nominations and endorsements are due
b. Nominations will be reviewed for deficiencies and nominators will be informed. Nominators may resubmit within two weeks.

III. June 1st, 2019

a. New Members Committee reviews nomination packets
b. New Members Committee recommends candidates for membership

IV. July 1st, 2019

a. Recommended candidate nomination forms are submitted to VASEM membership for vote with voting instructions and deadline
b. Votes may be cast by email or U.S. postal service

V. September 1st, 2019

        a. Votes are reviewed and tabulated

b. Nominations receiving 70% “yes” votes of those received are elected. If a candidate is not elected in two sequential elections, the candidate must “sit out” one election cycle.

VI. 2019 New Members announced at the Members Meeting of the 2019 Annual Summit