Announcement: VASEM Summit 2018 on Coastal Hazards

Summit 2018: Securing Prosperity in the Coastal Zone


We are excited to announce the 2018 Fall Summit:  Securing Prosperity in the Coastal Zone.  This timely event will focus on the bigger picture of the grand challenges facing Virginia and the mid-Atlantic region.  Virginia, and indeed the entire Mid-Atlantic region, hosts nationally and globally important governing organizations, commercial industries, military installations, and the national capital – the heart of the nation. The economic power of this region attracts people and companies to make use of existing opportunities and grow networks that drive a thriving economy.

The growing number of people in the Mid-Atlantic have created stress for the coastal zone. Presently, six of ten Virginians are living in the coastal zone. By 2035, the number of people living in the coastal zone is projected to increase by 50 percent, thus approaching a population in the coastal zone that is equivalent to the Commonwealth’s current state-wide population of 8 million.

The quality and reliability of transportation, basic civil services, power, land-use, and health (to name a few) are impacted by the number of people demanding these services, and the availability and stability of the former are threatened by an increasing coastal population in Virginia and the rest of the Mid-Atlantic region. Proactive and smart policies need to be developed and put in place that help to accommodate a growing population and to ensure economic growth of the region. These policies require coordination across city, county and state lines, and collaboration across all sectors to guarantee continued prosperity in the Mid-Atlantic region.

For information on summit programming, participation, and sponsorship opportunities, please contact VASEM Executive Director, Andrew Densmore.