President’s Message Fall 2017

Dear VASEM Members and Friends. The Fall season is upon us, but the sun is still bright and warm. That must be why it is hard to believe our 5th Annual Summit is only three weeks away (October 29-30).

As evidenced by the record number of registrations, the 2017 summit organizers have created a terrific program of top-flight speakers on the subject of infectious diseases and preparedness. You probably know this is a complex and multi-faceted challenge for science, engineering, and medicine. But I think you will be surprised by the many advances that are underway and the new challenges that lay ahead.

This year we are delighted again to hold the event at the historic National Academy of Sciences in Washington, D.C. The meeting will kick off Sunday evening with a reception and a fully-subscribed poster session. Breakfast and registration begin at 7:00 am with introductions at 8:00 am. Thanks to the generous support of our Summit Sponsor, MAXIMUS, and the many Lecture Sponsors, this Summit will host a record number of participants.

On other fronts, VASEM continues to expand its reputation in Virginia as an independent and high-level resource for technical expertise. Although our organization is only five years young, VASEM is melting stovepipes all around the Commonwealth with increasing collaborations and joint-efforts between our universities, industries, and the government sectors. When traveling around the state, I hear the repeated theme that the VASEM network of expertise brings unique value to Virginia.

Many of you have supported VASEM and helped this young organization to grow and to demonstrate our unique ability to assist the Commonwealth. Members and friends of VASEM can be proud of what we are accomplishing together as an independent advocate for Virginia’s future economic and social well-being. The vision is working.

I look forward to talking with each of you, old and new friends of VASEM, at the upcoming Summit.

Yours in service,
Patricia Dove
President, VASEM