Richmond Office Opens!

We’re opening new doors.

This week marks a full year that I’ve been with VASEM. We’ve had a lot going on. With 9 institutional partners and over 140 members, the Virginia Academy of Science Engineering and Medicine has opened many new doors over the past year – figuratively and physically.

Thanks to our growing reputation as a source of independent science and technology advice to the commonwealth of Virginia, the Governor included VASEM by name in the new higher education research program with his budget to the General Assembly.  We later learned the General Assembly requested us by name in a resolution to study the Aerospace industry in Virginia.  We have also received calls for expertise for policy forums from the National Academies and the National Governors Association on issues critical to Virginia.

In short, we are actively providing independent science and technology advice to the commonwealth of Virginia. The more people hear about us, the more they realize the value of a non-partisan braintrust to conduct independent assessments and actionable recommendations.  Virginia needs this expertise to compete with other states to create good paying new jobs.

With VASEM activities growing in number and scope, we opened a new office in Richmond on 2920 West Broad Street, Suite 120.  Stop by and let’s talk about how we can further grow VASEM as a science, medicine, and technology resource to the Commonwealth.

Our first Summit meeting on a health topic is ready to go.  We have a great lineup of speakers all events are conveniently held at the NAS building.  Looking forward to seeing you there!

Andrew Densmore
Executive Director, VASEM