VASEM President, Dr. Patricia Dove’s Fall Messege

Greetings Members and Friends.  Thanks to efforts of our Inaugural President Joe Campbell, 2016 will be remembered as ‘the year of the launch.’  As you will see below, the vision is working— VASEM is becoming recognized as a high-level, nonpartisan resource for the Commonwealth.

Indeed, VASEM is conducting its first technical study on behalf of the Commonwealth.  At the request of the Joint Commission for Technology and Science (JCOTS), your colleagues, Tom Young and Jim Aylor, have assembled a blue-ribbon panel of experts to assess Virginia aviation and aerospace industries (General Assembly: HJ 97).  At this writing, the group is synthesizing input to identify recommendations for short and long-term investments to promote these areas, and create good paying jobs for Virginians.

We are pleased to announce that the 4th annual Fall Summit is ready for launch in November. Your VASEM colleagues have organized a fantastic program that will highlight emerging medical technologies with ‘Smart and Connected Health:  Precision Meets Possibility.’ This is YOUR meeting, and I look forward to seeing everyone at the National Academy of Sciences on Constitution Avenue. The reception/poster session will be held on Thursday evening, Nov. 17 in the Great Hall and the Summit will be Friday, Nov. 18.  Please register yourself and your protégé(s) asap for the limited seating. 

This year, Northrop Grumman Corporation will be sponsoring the 2016 Summit as part of their outreach. Please be sure to thank Northrop Grumman representatives for their generosity when you see them in November!

The VASEM Summit is a special event that breaks down geographical and institutional silos to create networking opportunities across diverse sectors of Virginia’s greatest resource— her people.  At every Summit, I marvel at the new connections, ideas, and project ideas that emerge amongst VASEM colleagues, our younger protégés and our guests from industry, educational, and government groups.

Looking back over the first three months as your new president, I have experienced a whirl of travel to talk with many of you.  Everywhere I visit, people agree VASEM is an invaluable resource for nonpartisan scientific and technical knowledge.  They also agree the demand for this expertise is certain to increase. I will be seeking your feedback on how we can grow funding to support this resource for Virginia while also caring for our unique status as a nonpartisan group.

The best part of being president is the opportunity to meet you—the VASEM membership.  As a Virginian who lived across the US before returning home, I am honored to learn the incredible base of expertise in science and engineering that we enjoy across every sector across the state.  In the coming months, I hope to meet all of you and discuss how VASEM can bring new synergies to the well-being of Virginia through our collective abilities— to Inform, Advocate, and Serve.

Yours in service,

Patricia M. Dove
President, Virginia Academy of Science, Engineering, and Medicine
University Distinguished Professor, Virginia Tech