A message from our President, Dr. Patricia Dove

Welcome to the Virginia Academy of Science, Engineering and Medicine

Welcome to the Virginia Academy of Science, Engineering, and Medicine.  VASEM began as the vision of Senator Mark Warner to create a group that could “serve as a nonpartisan forum to help with science policy issues facing Virginia and the nation”.  Our nonprofit group, approximately 150 strong, is composed of the Virginia-based members of The National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine.

And serve we have.  Within only three years of our inception, VASEM has drawn people from their industry, academic, and government ‘silos’ to create new cross-industry and cross-disciplinary opportunities in fast-moving fields that include Big Data, Transportation and Autonomous Systems.  Our upcoming 2016 Fall Summit on ‘Smart and Connected Health’ promises to be the most exciting event yet.

Legislative groups are also recognizing VASEM as a unique, nonpartisan resource.  For example, VASEM was asked to conduct an independent study of opportunities for growth in the Virginia aviation and aerospace industries.  VASEM was also influential in promoting the 2016 Higher Education Research Initiative (HERI).  Funded by the General Assembly with bipartisan support, this investment attracts new research and science/engineering innovators to the Commonwealth.

The vision is working.  By coordinating the expertise of Virginia’s National Academy members, VASEM is a new brain trust for industry, government, and education.

As you learn more about VASEM, I encourage you to consider how we can work together to grow new opportunities for the commonwealth of Virginia.  By leveraging the expertise of VASEM, we can tackle pressing issues and help government leaders create a better Virginia for businesses and her citizens.


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Dr. Patricia Dove

Dr. Patricia Dove


Member, National Academy of Sciences Elected 2012

University Distinguished Professor and C.P. Miles Professor of Science

Virginia Tech College of Science