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Become a COVES Fellow

Have you thought you could make a difference by applying the knowledge you’ve gained as a scientist or engineer to the pressing challenges facing society? The Commonwealth of Virginia Engineering and Science (COVES) Fellowship program will give you firsthand exposure to how policy is made at the state level, helping you determine if this is a good choice for you.

COVES Application 

There are standard components of the application (resume/CV and personal statement) in addition to the fellowship-specific portions (science policy in VA one-pager and diversity statement). The science policy piece should consist of content similar to a one-page policy memo addressing a science-based topic, though it can take any format (memo, essay, etc.).   This document should detail a science policy issue in Virginia that is written for a non-technical audience. The National Science Policy Network and American Sociological Association have good examples of one-page policy memos. The diversity statement should detail how your identity influences your interests in science policy.

If comfortable doing so, you may also list your status as part of the application to be considered for externally-funded positions. Externally-funded fellows will be from HBCUs and/or historically-excluded communities. Available positions depend on participating sponsors.

Due dates and university specific information can be found below:

If you have further questions about the application process, please contact us directly via email ([email protected]).